2019 April Praise and Prayer


  1. When Norbert Martinez signed up to take our “How to Study the Bible” course, I took a second look: he lives in Germany and is an electrical engineer. What a thrill to know our Spanish national missionaries are all over the world and come from all walks of life.
  2. Jose Rodriguez Salgado in Jojutla, Morelos, Mexico wrote how grateful he is that he took our courses in the 80’s along with 100 others who graduated with him. Now, because of our Online Bible Resource Center, he is able to reconnect. He also said, “I am so grateful for many brothers who until this day are continuing excellent ministries in the area where I live.”



We are thrilled when new people contact us about our on-line courses. Sometimes we feel frustrated that someone signs up, but then we don’t hear back from them in a while. We have to remember how spoiled we are in America with our instant access to almost anything. Most of our LOGOI family do not live in places where the internet is easily accessible and affordable. For many, it is a real sacrifice of time and money just for them to log on so they can access our site. Please join us in prayer that God will not only impress on their hearts a desire to study God’s Word, but also the time and resources they need to study God’s Word.