2019 March Prayer and Praise


  1. An email came from Pastor Leonel in Cuba saying a friend who has internet privileges sent him a copy of a sermon by Les from our website on suffering. He wrote that he used it the very next Sunday and was so comforted, along with his people.
  2. We have kept a good bit of Les’ English library and enjoy giving some of it away as occasions arise. We just invited the sons of Les’ former editor to come by. They joyfully “ransacked” it for their use. It was a special joy for me to see Les’s books fly off the shelves into loving hands who want to know more of God’s Word.


  1. We have a new FLET study group of 12 who have just begun Consejería bíblica (Biblical Counseling) in Woodbridge, Virginia. Pray for them to be diligent and enthusiastic as they delve into what God’s Word has to say about our struggles and problems.
  2. We have started putting up wonderful and attractive quotes on social media to call attention to our Savior. Pray that they will be used of God.  The world is so full of godlessness – may God use these practical and uplifting thoughts to turn hearts and minds to our Savior.