2019 Begins with Many Tears of Joy

t a time when our world seems so divided, I have to stop and remind myself that God is in complete control. There are no surprises for Him and He desperately loves us. 

So, with that wonderful thought in mind, here are Grandma Carolyn’s 2018 highlights:

1. Two anniversaries. 90 years ago, Les’ father co-founded Los Pinos Nuevos seminary in Cuba. To celebrate, the seminary grounds filled with thousands of people rejoicing in God’s faithfulness. 50 years ago, LOGOI began. We have been thrilled with notes of congratulations and love from around the world.

And by the way, Los Pinos Nuevos continues to use our FLET courses meaning LOGOI remains an integral part of the on-going Bible training for pastors and leaders in Cuba.

Every time you think of Cuba, rejoice that over 300 pastors and leaders are proclaiming the Gospel throughout that beautiful Island because of LOGOI’s help.

      2. Two new Thompson great grandsons!  The Ken Thompson family gave us two miracle babies in 2018.
Nathan and Ansley’s little Grant Denver Thompson came into this world and had an early metabolic crisis due to a genetic condition called MCAD. I still shiver thinking about their dramatic story of rushing Grant to the hospital just in time to save his life. Now, with diagnosis in hand, his parents know how to care for him and his smile and personality are melting all our hearts. He is a little butterball of joy. For many years, Grandson Ben and his wife Alexandra (Alex) have longed to have a child.  Adoption procedures began and then they waited and waited. Let me share with you what Alex wrote…

December 8:  “Ben and I became official parents yesterday to James Anders Thompson. He was born weighing just under 5 pounds and has to be in the NICU for at least another week. He is our little miracle Christmas baby and my oh my, he is just the perfect gift. We have been praying for this child for 3 years and God knew exactly what He was doing in the waiting for this precious baby boy who just fits with us like our little missing puzzle piece. For me and Ben, this year was filled with longing and heartache as we waited for our baby to arrive. 2018 closed with the most amazing Christmas gift from Christ himself as our little Thompson family grew to a family of 3.”

Every time I think of this wonderful adoption, my eyes fill with tears as I thank the Lord for our newest Thompson.  P.S. Three more great grandchildren are on the way – which means there will be 11 for me to love and pray for this new year!

3. On December 30, we added another Thompson to our family.  Gregg’s oldest son, Robert, married his college sweetheart, Ciera, in Sarasota.  For me to see these beloved grandchildren grow up and make wonderful life-long decisions is such a sweet blessing.  Even little 2-year-old Great Grandson Nolan did a great job as a ring bearer.

The Lord has given me literally hundreds of adopted LOGOI grandchildren to love. They come from all walks of life, situations, and backgrounds. God has adopted them to be His own and called them to proclaim the Good News in their communities. What a wonderful, amazing family He has given to me—and us. Thank you for being a part of our amazing family. I’m looking forward to introducing you to some of them in the days ahead.




All I can say is “Thank you,” and ask the Lord to bless and keep you until one day, we experience his love and joy—forever!