2018 December Prayer and Praise

Soon, we will take a big breath and say, “Dear Lord, we’ve done all we could, the end of the year is in your hands. We pray you will encourage our partners to joyfully proclaim the Gospel and others to joyfully give.”  Being part of a mission organization that operates on faith for sufficient donations to support our ministry of helping train and encourage Spanish pastors and leaders and is an overwhelming task.  We often feel very inadequate.

As we watch the news and see the thousands who are at our borders, we wonder what is going to happen to those families who are no longer together.  And how are the churches going to handle those who are left behind? What a struggle!

But then…
…we hear from those who are studying and learning who want us to know their tremendous gratitude.

In Venezuela, with inflation at 830,000%, the churches are struggling as so many are leaving that country, if they can find a way out.  And yet, this year more Venezuelan pastors and national missionaries joined LOGOI’s family than from any other country!

Nestor Soto in Maracaibo wrote:
“Thank you for helping train pastors and leaders in places where it is impossible for foreign missionaries to go.”

Gladis Díaz in Valencia wrote:
“Thank you for blessing my life and my country. We have no money to pay for any of this, but you continue to serve us anyway. God bless you!”

Thank you for your prayers.