It’s a joy to return to Cuba for the 90th anniversary of the Los Pinos Nuevos Convención that was founded by Elmer Thompson, Les’s father.  Once again, we are taking in as much as possible to help those with special needs who have come to our attention. We would need a caravan of hundreds of 18-wheeler trucks to bring in what is truly wished for, but a few extra suitcases are all we can manage and are allowed.  I will be able to update you properly in our November letters.

THANKS from Cuban Pastor Yoandys Arlex López Pérez

I think each student, pastor and teacher from Seminario Los Pinos Nuevos in Cuba is grateful to God for LOGOI/FLET. FLET has been an indispensable part of our spiritual life, training, and even the theological direction of Los Pinos Seminary. Without a doubt, your materials, teaching and so much more (including yourselves) are part of who are today.  Also, for those of us who had the opportunity to learn from Les Thompson’s teaching, to see his passion and also read his books and articles is something that makes us even more grateful to God.  He did not forget about us.

One more PRAISE note from Norberto Quesada, Director of Los Pinos:

You and all your children are part of my personal Quesada family and of our Los Pinos family. We love you very much.”  (He even named one of his sons Leslie.)