2018 September Prayer and Praise


Four of us are going to Cuba the end of September to celebrate 90 years of the Convención Evangélica de Cuba “Los Pinos Nuevos.” Les’s father and Spaniard B.G. Lavastida founded this Bible School which has grown into a large ministry that has more than 300 churches and unknown numbers of “casas cultos” (house churches). My husband was born three years after they began the Bible School to train young men and women. The original campus is still in operation and that is where we will be: in Placetas, Cuba where Les grew up. What an honor to return for this wonderful event. Pray that our travels will go smoothly and all that we do honors the Lord.

I just received word from one of my Cuban “LOGOI grandchildren” who needs a few things since his salary is not quite $18US/month.  They have 3 young children (my LOGOI great grandchildren) and are serving the Lord in a small, interior town where everything is limited. I have known them since they were at the Los Pinos Bible School, engaged to be married — (I even brought in a wedding dress)!  Their needs are so basic and I look forward to taking a few things to them.

I’m reminded again of the struggles so many of our LOGOI family (and countless others) have to just put food on the table. Yet they remain faithful to their calling and our Lord.


Congratulations keep coming in for our  50th anniversary year. What a joy to realize the many places LOGOI has reached. It is very humbling and my heart is full of joy and thanks for God’s Hand on this ministry.