2018 August Praise

This month is one of praise! Emails and videos of joy and thanks continue to pour in from Spanish pastors, leaders and ministry partners celebrating LOGOI’s 50 years of ministry. Each one warms our hearts. We hope you visit 50 years to see and read more. Here are just two…or three…

  • “I had the privilege to know Les in Chile…Along with my wife, Nancy, and our seven children we have continued with this legacy of taking the Word of God to thousands. We constantly challenge the church to read, study, meditate and apply their lives to the Word of God—and it all started with LOGOI…
    —Professor Fernando and Nancy Estafo, Santiago, Chile
  • “I thank the Lord for putting into Les’s heart the calling to teach and inspire us to join the messengers who walk with God. Thank you for so capably fulfilling 50 years of vision, consecration, and victory. My sincere congratulations and multitudes of blessings.”
    —Roberto Ferreira, Uruguay
  • “For me, FLET was one of the Bible courses that helped me the most after I became a believer. The courses contain Christ-centered and balanced teaching. Congratulations on your 50 years! I pray the Lord will never lack to provide all you need to continue helping men and women of God.”
    —Antonio Reyes Morales, Mexico