May 2018 Prayer and Praise

This month, would you pray for one of LOGOI’s national missionaries who lives in La Paz, Bolivia?

Ramiro and Rosmary Rodriguez have a wonderful story to tell of their ministry that began by helping a begging boy on the street with some food who said, “Is that all?” It bothered them very much and they felt God was telling them they needed to do more than just feed him. They eventually went to see where he lived and in time began Bible studies with the begging boy’s family – and more of their neighbors.

“Is that all?” became their theme as they began to form a church in the little boy’s neighborhood.

Ramiro writes:

  1. We are grateful to the Lord for the enormous privilege of opening a new church.
  2. Pray that all of us will be impacted and transformed through His Word. We want God to show His glory through us.

What an honor to be a part of this team through our prayer and Bible resources!

“Is that all?” is a great question for all of us.