April 2018 Prayer and Praise

Did you know over 10,000 National Missionaries have signed up to receive our weekly resources? It’s a full time job keeping up with this growing list of LOGOI family members.  Out of curiosity, every once in a while I can’t resist letting Google show me where they live.  It is very sobering to see the living conditions of what so many of our national pastors call “home.” I cannot help but thank the Lord for his constant blessings on me as I pray for those who make do with so little.

As we work with these precious people who do not, nor will ever have the standard of living we have — pray we remain conscious of this and lovingly continue to provide the encouragement, comfort and blessing they need.  What a privilege we have to serve these people who are our NATIONAL MISSIONARIES.

Chihuahua, Mexico
A new group signed up to begin a Bible Course there.  When I looked up the city, to my shock it said it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world!  What a blessing to have new students starting to study there!  Pray for them in their violent city ravaged by drugs and gang violence.

We would love for YOUR CHURCH to do a 30-60 second “selfie” video saying “Congratulations LOGOI for 50 years of ministry.” We’ll be putting them on our website for all to enjoy.  Would you consider doing this?  Gather a Sunday School group, your choir – get out your cell phone – and record a simple congrats.  THANKS!