February 2018 Prayer and Praise


We are seeing an increased number of visits to our website.  How thankful we are to see people hungering after God’s Word.  There has been an increase to our FLET Bible courses, as well.  What a wonderful way to being 2018!

This year we are posting a short daily Bible message – in both English and Spanish, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  These, too, are causing people to come and visit our website, look around and sign up. You can sign up, too:

Facebook English: https://m.facebook.com/fivedollarmission/
Facebook Spanish: https://m.facebook.com/Logoi-Ministries-70872183232/
Twitter: @LOGOI_Today
Instagram: @LOGOIMinistries

Isn’t this modern age amazing?  We are reaching the utmost parts of the world – every day!


We are praying Ed will be invited to our supporting churches to give a “thank you” and to celebrate our 50th LOGOI anniversary.  He is steadfastly working on it.  Pray for open doors.

Pray for all the thousands who are using our resources.  Only heaven will tell us what has taken place through LOGOI’s 50 years of service.

We would like YOU/YOUR CHURCH to give us a 30-60 second video saying congratulations to use on our website.  Would you please do this?  Gather a group saying congratulations and where you are from is all you need to do.  THANKS!