January 2018 Prayer and Praise


While I am still holding on to the few days of 2017, I’m excited to say we are going to be celebrating all of 2018 with LOGOI’s 50th anniversary!  To think I have been here for all 50 of them!

Watching LOGOI through all its seasons makes me full of praise and thanksgiving.  I remember many times when we thought we were finished.  There seemed to be no way we could raise the funds to keep going.  And yet God intervened – and we are still here today, by the grace of God.

So we look forward to celebrating throughout Year 2018, giving thanks to the Lord for all He has allowed LOGOI to accomplish these past decades.

One of our national missionaries, Roberto Pérez from Peru, was here in Miami last month – he could not give enough praise and thanks to LOGOI (and especially Les) for mentoring him as he was beginning his pastoral work. Today he is leading men’s conferences around the world as well as pastoring a flourishing church in the Lima suburbs.  What a great thanksgiving and praise to end 2017 and start 2018.


Ask the Lord to open doors for Ed, and even me, to visit churches across the nation to tell what God has done since 1968. Ed’s “Edertainment” can fill an event with purpose, joy, music and comedy – as well as be a fun and meaningful way to let people know about LOGOI’s ministry.