November 2017 Prayer and Praise

When November arrives, I think mission organizations like ours begin to measure our readership and involvement from the friends the Lord has given us.

We are so grateful for those of you who do read our news and prayer requests.

This month we are introducing a third children’s book called “Muddy Boy.”  We are praying these little but true and impactful stories will be read and used. Please join us in prayer. What a privilege and joy it is for us to introduce missions to little ones whom we pray will carry missions in their hearts all their lives.

Preparing to go to a missions conference, I have some wonderful facts to share:

  • Last month we had 41,446 visits to our website.
  • In the past, LOGOI had a great and wonderful year when we reached around 6,000 national pastors and leaders. Today we average 60,000 visitors to our website every three months!

Pray for all these people who are reaching their worlds for Christ, and are using our resources to help them go and teach.