December 2017 Prayer and Praise


  • What a joy to see our LOGOI Christmas resources being used and put to work throughout the Spanish world!
  • We are thrilled to welcome another group of FLET students in Delaware. Most of our students and Bible study groups are outside of the U.S., so we are happy to see this new group right here among us.
  • Notes of encouragement: We periodically receive notes from our ministry partners which fill our hearts with joy, encouragement, and motivation. Sometimes all it takes is just a few words. For example, after one of our ministry partners received our latest children’s book to read to her grandkids, she wrote and simply said, “Thanks for helping me be a better grandma.” Needless to say, she made our day!


  • As 2017 comes to a close, we joyfully consider the thousands of men and women spread across 32 countries using LOGOI Bible resources. We ask you to join us as we pray for God’s Word to penetrate their hearts and minds so that they in turn will faithfully teach and instruct others of God’s amazing love, truth, and grace.
  • Pray that God will wonderfully bless our series of true stories for children. Our third book titled “Muddy Boy” is now available and is a great teaching tool of God’s love and grace. Pray that God will use these books to help create a love for others and hearts for missions in the lives of our little ones.