2017 October Prayer and Praise

Thank you for your prayers and concern as we faced Hurricane Irma. For the most part, we were spared here in South Florida while Puerto Rico and the islands were devastated. It will be a long and difficult time of recovery ahead. Even here in Miami our city reports there are over 400,000 tons of debris to pick up. I can’t help but wonder where it is all going to go!

A local donor church (with many Cubans) took up an offering for Cuba and their damages which we will gladly pass on to them. In God’s wonderful plans, the director of Los Pinos Seminario in Cuba (where we continue to have an ongoing impact via our FLET Bible School books and curriculum), is visiting Miami and will be able to pick this gift up personally.

But of course, every single day Latin pastors and national missionaries — serving somewhere across 32 countries where LOGOI’s ministry is reaching — are signing up and receiving LOGOI’s Bible resources and helps. This includes:

• 32 members of a a border town church in Mexico just signed up for our Como Estudiar La Biblia (How to Study the Bible) course.
• A church group in Chile is now starting their third Bible course with more and more “students” being added. What joy!
• Last week alone, 40 new pastors or national missionaries discovered LOGOI for the first time and signed up for our LOGOIgrama (the starting point for discovering all that our ministry has to offer).

Thank you for partnering with us. God is always at work accomplishing His purposes. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we head into these final months of 2017.