2017 October Prayer and Praise

With big trucks running up and down our streets hauling away piles of debris, they are a constant reminder of the terrible hurricane damages in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Texas. Now we can tragically add California with their terrible wild fires. I know you join me as we pray for strength and courage as so many must rebuild and start again.

As these tragedies have been going on, LOGOI’s ministry continues to chug along like the “little engine that could.” What a joy to see how the Lord is using our online resource center. Not a day goes by without Spanish national pastors and missionaries using our reservoir of Bible resources of help, training, and encouragement.
Here are just a few recent items:

  • A seminary in Bolivia contacted us about incorporating our Bible courses into their 2018 curriculum. Many Bible schools use our materials since they are available in many formats and places, but it is always wonderful to be in touch with this director who wants to work directly with us.
  • Another lady apologized for sending an email after midnight (as if she woke us up), but she was so happy to find she could take some Bible courses, that she enthusiastically wrote about getting started ASAP. Don’t you wish we all were that eager to study God’s Word?
  • Other pastors are already downloading Christmas sermons and articles to study. These are the ones who will be preaching and teaching with good preparation as they seek to serve our King of Kings and joyfully proclaim the Good News.

So, in spite of all the tragic circumstances so many of us are dealing with, God’s work continues and we rejoice that LOGOI’s ministry remains vibrant as we press forward.