July-August Prayer and Praise

Warm summer greetings!


A LOGOI friend in Switzerland continues to use our materials for her Bible study women’s group. She says the ladies are from around the world but all want to keep their Spanish going…so she continues to use our Bible resources for their lessons.  She even puts up little “Spanish class” posters here and there in her town to attract ladies to attend.  What a joy to know this savvy national missionary in Switzerland loves God’s Word and is helping others to know to do the same.


Aren’t you glad God doesn’t take vacations? He is never tired, never in need of a break, and always at work accomplishing his plans and purposes. We ask for your prayers that our ministry partners as well our staff will be strengthened and rejuvenated as they take vacations and a few days off. We also pray the Lord will encourage our partners to give during these lean summer months.