Freshly Ground Heaven

I like coffee.  Just black and hot. None of that iced coffee or latte stuff for me. Give me a deep, dark roast you can smell through thick walls. No sugar, no milk, just freshly brewed as coffee is supposed to be. (, by the way, is Italian and means, “You paid too much for that coffee.”)

My only real exception to black coffee is Cuban coffee. It’s a liquid shot of dynamite served in tiny cups to keep you from exploding. Gloria Estefan describes Cuban coffee as, “Very powerful, very sweet, and a little dangerous — just like the people who drink it.”

My grandpa on my mom’s side was Swedish. My memories of him are few, but I do remember he loved coffee. His son, my Uncle Paul, insists my love of coffee is due to the Swedish blood running thick through my veins. It may be true. I do suffer from “.”

Sitting on my desk next to my cup of “freshly ground heaven” on this fine summer morning is our newest “On a Mission Together” children’s book, Laura’s Dancing Hands. It is the second in our series and simply wonderful. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, I suspect it is because you are “.”

We are thrilled to once again team up with one of our favorite artists and illustrators, Eduardo Enrique Campdepadrós. He’s better known simply as “Khato.” Chances are you’ve seen his work somewhere along the line in a Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros or LOGOI production.

Khato has brought to life the story of Laura, a deaf girl living in Cuba. In this agnostic country, references and teaching about God or religion in schools are omitted; including Laura’s sign-language school. But God delighted in using some LOGOI national missionaries to break through the silence and open Laura’s “ears” to the Gospel.

It’s a beautiful story and one ripe for helping create a love for others and a heart for missions in the lives of children. As with this entire series, we’re writing them with grandparents in mind. It’s a way to bond, to teach, and pass on your Christian values and beliefs. Of course it’s ideal for parents, aunts and uncles, Sunday School teachers, home-school families and more.

LOGOI has spent 48 years “equipping the saints” and proclaiming the Good News throughout the Spanish world. Now we’re turning some of these wonderful stories into inspiring books for the next generation. They are an ideal tool for grandparents and parents to use to stimulate conversations and teaching moments of God’s amazing love and grace.

These children’s books are selling for only $10 apieceIf my math is correct, both books together cost just $20. Coffee is not included. 

Please help create a love for others and a heart of missions in the lives of our young grandchildren. And if your children or grandchildren are no longer grade school aged, what a nice gift for your church library, your children’s Sunday School teachers, or for a family with little ones.

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