June 2017 Praise and Prayer


Calls from around the US keep coming where Spanish congregations ask about signing up for one of our FLET Bible courses.  It has become such a constant thing that Patty Torrelio, our FLET Coordinator, just takes it all for granted.  We are always thankful and full of joy to hear about these new students who are serious about their Bible studies.

Every day, I review all the people who are visiting our LOGOI website.  Every day people from around the world discover LOGOI for the first time. Today, to our joy, a man from Dawn Park, South Africa downloaded some of our Bible resources.  I sent him a welcome email just because he is so far away.

Thank the Lord with us for such a widespread LOGOI Family we have to keep giving biblical resources, help and encouragement.


Our hearts continue to ache for Venezuela:  one Venezuelan lady —a lawyer— wrote asking for our Bible course on the Christian family she wanted to give, but because of the deep recession, she could not buy it ($15 US). Patty said not to worry, and helped her get started without cost. Patty asked to explain what is happening from her perspective. Here is her answer:

…The situation continues to be very difficult. The political situation here is Venezuela is awful. There is a lack of food, medicines and terrible abuses by the authorities. So far we have not had repression towards churches but the quality of life has deteriorated not only for those of us in our church but for the entire population—especially the elderly and children. The quality of the education has fallen, and our purchasing power has declined. People are desperate and eating from the garbage. I am sad to see how my country is deteriorating.

I also know that God has given His Word and He has not abandoned us. We do not know how long and difficult this time will be and it is very hard. Our young people are leaving for other countries, and families are being separated. We fear principles and values are being lost. Only God can lift our nation.

In direct relation to our congregation we do everything possible to cover the most pressing needs. Our resources are limited so we help the elderly and children first.  But married couples and young families are in financial distress. It is one of the reasons I asked for your course on the Family. Thank you for the interest you have shown and for helping us.  We are extremely grateful.