May 2017 Praise and Prayer

Our new book to read to little children, Mateo Won’t Give Up, has been sent to all the grandparents who signed up to be part of our program.  It is beautifully illustrated and tells a gripping story for the reader to be able to talk about with their young ones.  My granddaughter did just that as she explained to her 5 year old and 3 year old what a street child was before I read it to them. We pray all who receive the book will be able to open the hearts and minds of their little ones to help encourage a love for others and a life-long passion for missions…and for LOGOI’s ministry, too!  Click here to see more:

Venezuela is in the news because of their political problems, scarcity of food, medicine, and basic needs.  Some of the demonstrations have turned violent. And yet, we continue to have new Venezuelans coming to LOGOI for help, encouragement and advice every day.  It seems that with no meds or food to be found, all they have left to nourish is the soul…  Pray for God’s mercy on the Venezuelan people in this once oil-rich nation, now in despair.