Grandparents’ Mission




ears ago, when my oldest son, Matt, was in middle school, he was sent to his room one afternoon to ponder the errors of his ways. I have absolutely no recollection of why he was sent to his room. What I do remember is shortly after he was sent to his room, his grandmother called.

“I’m on my way to pick up my grandson,” I heard my mother say. “Now quickly tell me what he did.”

Somehow, within the few moments of being sent to his room, Matt got on the phone, called his grandmother, and ratted on his parents. grandma_knowsWithout hesitation, grandma was on her way to rescue her grandson. But as a wise grandma, she called to learn the details so she could love on her grandson while simultaneously affirming and supporting our parental roles.

Grandparents know how to do that. We are trying something brand new here at LOGOI: a special ministry between grandparents and their grandchildren designed to help create a love for others and a heart for missions in the lives of our young grandchildren. Focusing on this very special bond, our plan simply involves grandparents reading stories, praying and talking.

Our first story is titled Mateo Won’t Give Up. Like future ones to come, it is a real LOGOI-related missionary story adapted for grade school and younger children. Mateo’s story looks into the very real, complicated, and worldwide problem of street children. It’s the type of story that a grandchild needs a grandparent to tenderly, thoughtfully, and prayerfully discuss. And that is exactly our plan.

Along with reading missionary stories, you’ll also have the opportunity to demonstrate giving with your grandchild. The reason is simple. It is part of teaching your grandchildren the joy of being co-workers with Christ.


As you sign up to be a part of this ministry with your grandchildren, you get to decide how much you’d like to give. And that fits well with our desire to help build a foundation of love and interest for missions in our grandchildren.

As the Apostle Paul explained, “Remember this–a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop. You must each decide in your heart how much to give.” (See 2 Corinthians 9:6-7).

So, we invite you to join us as we develop and introduce this special Grandparent/Grandchild ministry. The first book, Mateo Won’t Give Up, will be available in March. Sign up today and we’ll begin sending you more information as you prepare to read and discuss and pray with your grandchildren.

And finally, you may not be a grandparent, but still want to participate. That’s awesome and, of course you can. While designed with grandparents in mind, relatives and family friends are always welcome. This ministry is available to anyone and we hope that “anyone” is you!

So come on, let’s do this! Help us create and deliver an exciting ministry designed to help develop a love for others and a heart for missions in the lives of our grandchildren. I’m anxious to hear from you.