January 2017 Prayer and Praise

  1. We begin the new year full of joy and wonder thanking the Lord for all our new national missionaries who signed up to keep learning and studying God’s Word. Over 2,000 new pastors and national missionaries joined our LOGOI family in 2016. Thank the Lord! Not only that, but since last October, 543 signed up to take an online class on “How to Study the Bible.” And just in case you want more numbers, 3,627 others have glanced at this class and now we can tap them on their shoulders and encourage them to begin! These are our national missionaries on the move and spread across 32 countries. Wait! This past week a Spanish subscriber signed up who is in Cambodia!  So now there are 33 countries and counting! Spanish national missionaries are everywhere!
  1. Before we know it, we will be heading to a pastor conference in Cancun, Mexico on the outskirts of this tourist city. We will not be in the beautiful tourist part of the city, but in a rustic place where a church began some years ago and is steadily growing. We expect over 60 to attend. Pray with us as we make all the preparations for February 23-27.
  1. We are excitedly at work with our new “Grandparents & Grandkids” ministry. We are hoping to create a simple yet powerful way for a grandparent to help develop a heart for missions in their grandchildren. Pray with us about this big undertaking.  We’re anxious to see how grandparents and grandchildren respond. We’d love you to be a part of the pilot program. Just let me know and I’ll keep you in the loop.