Carolyn’s Happy New Year

Hello 2017!

I can think of no better way to begin my letter to you than quoting these words from Isaiah 40:31, “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

So as we “trust in the Lord” for a great new year, here are a few of my “Grandma notes” from 2016:


My big 2016 news: I have become Great Grandmother two times this year! That means I now have five great grandchildren. And not only that, the sixth one will arrive in March… all the way over in the “Land Down Under.”

I just returned from a wonderful Christmas with the Ken family. How I cherish my time with them all. Of course, I have a special bond with my two great granddaughters. We played and laughed and just enjoyed being together. We all cried when I had to say goodbye.

Here’s more big news: there will be a wedding in Atlanta in March! Grandson Nathan found his lovely bride, Ansley, and the family has been celebrating ever since he gave her a ring last fall. I’m getting to know this new addition to the family and love her already.nolan4-copy


In September, Grandson Matt and his wife, Laura, gave me Great Grandchild #4. They longed for a child for five years and so this little one is a special joy to the Ed Family – and all the rest of us. Getting to meet and hold Baby Nolan at Thanksgiving was such a special treat.

And check out Granddaughter Abby and her husband Alex, visiting from Australia while awaiting their first child.



Back in March, I went to St. Louis to spend some time with Great Grandson Lewis and his family. His daddy, RJ, was graduating from Covenant Seminary and it was a joy to celebrate such a great event with them. I also got to meet Lewis’s new little sister, Marie Joy, who arrived in October. Now RJ and Carolyn (my name sake) are looking forward to their next place serving the Lord.

My Gregg family had to face health issues in 2016. Beverly has gone through chemotherapy and I saw first-hand all the difficulties she is going through. I was with them in early December and could not get over their peaceful acceptance of this hard thing – and of their sincere faith and hope in the Lord. They are such powerful reminders that God is God even in the difficult seasons of life. Their confident faith and trust in the Lord is evident to all.5-greggs


When Ed gave me the title of “Grandma to Thousands” a few years ago, I was a bit embarrassed. However, it has stuck and I love my job of keeping up with so many “grandchildren” scattered across the Spanish world. When I met Les our courtship was through letter writing – and here I am, at this ripe old age, still writing letters all the time. I’d love to add you to my “grandma” correspondence list. Just send me an email at and I’ll write you back. Promise!

I know you will celebrate with me knowing that LOGOI’s ministry increased 25% over 2016. Not a day goes by without dozens and dozens of new national missionaries (my “grandchildren”) joining LOGOI’s family. It’s very exciting that we can serve Christ together, helping these men and women joyfully proclaim the Good News.


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