Street Children

top_banner2 Would it surprise you to know God is using your partnership with LOGOI to help street children? While we provide national missionaries with on-the-job Bible training, encouragement and resources, dozens of churches and men and women in our LOGOI family are providing such things as health care, meals, clothing and safe shelter to children on the streets. As they reach out in the name of Jesus, they also get to tell them about a good, good Father who loves them, knows their names, and will never abandon them.

Which brings me to a very exciting “Thanksgiving” part of this letter. We are preparing a very personal, new and exciting ministry opportunity for your family. To be a part, you need to (1) be a grandparent, (2) have grade-school-aged and younger grandchildren, and (3) be able to invest $5 per month in the name of your grandchild. (Of course, parents, uncles and aunts can also joyfully participate, but we’ve designed this especially with grandparents in mind.)

Our hope is to create a very special ministry a grandparent and grandchild can do together with eternal value. Using the special grandparent-grandchild bond, we are offering a wonderful way to help develop a biblical world view and foundational heart for missions in the lives of our grandchildren. Best of all, it involves something you are already doing: reading stories.

mateo_coverThe first story is called, “Mateo Won’t Give Up.” It’s about a little boy living on the streets of Temuco, Chile, who encounters a missionary.

(In this case, the missionary was my Dad, but that’s just between us.) The story is moving and real and presents powerful teaching moments with grandparents and their grandchildren.

Once a quarter, beginning in 2017, LOGOI will send a new beautifully designed and fully illustrated children’s flip-page E-book to grandparents who have signed up. (You can also order paperback versions.) Prior to receiving the children’s story, grandparents will be fully prepped regarding the topic, location, LOGOI’s role, and other pertinent information. Then it’s time to read…and talk…and pray together.

We pray the Lord will use these real stories to help our children grow in faith and build foundational truths as they talk about God’s amazing grace and love for the world. We know God does not look at street children and see “mosquitoes.” He sees beautiful children made in His image full of amazing potential…just like the one sitting on grandpa’s lap.

So, we have a simple Thanksgiving request. As you’re reading this letter, perhaps the Lord is bringing a grandchild (or grandchildren) to your mind. Take a moment right now and thank the Lord for that child. Pray that he or she will grow to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37). And ask the Lord to prepare your heart and give you opportunities to help your beloved grandchild (child or niece or nephew) “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Then, we hope you know how grateful we are for you. Your prayers and gifts are such a blessing and encouragement. We know you give because you love the Lord and we are very thankful we are serving Jesus together. God is blessing and we have so many wonderful stories to tell of God’s amazing deeds. Thank you for your faithful and generous partnership.

We are so very thankful for you!happy_thanksed_nolan

P.S. I am thrilled to report I am a brand new grandpa now for just over two months. What a blessing to welcome Nolan Kohly Thompson to our lives. And the blessings continue. Our “Aussie” daughter is expecting in March. “For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation(Psalm 100:5).


If you are interested in the new Grandparents program described, send Carolyn an email and we will keep you posted!
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