October 2016 Prayer and Praise


  1. Thank you for your prayers as we participated in the Spanish Christian Booksellers Convention last month (called Expolit). Our booth was in a strategic location so we could not be missed among the 300 plus booths.  What a joy to once again connect with publishers, bookstore owners, and former LOGOI students from all over the Spanish world.  It was a very special blessing and privilege to be there as we reintroduced our updated FLET Bible courses and brought people up to date regarding LOGOI’s extensive online resource center. We were busy for 10 hour days!
  2. It was also interesting to be reminded that politics and controversial politicians and policies take place around the world…not just here.
    1. Colombia has voted to not allow FARC (the Marxist/terrorist organization) to be part of their government system. It’s estimated 220,000 were killed in the 52-year conflict, which displaced as many as 5 million people. The people there are not willing to forgive such atrocities.  FARC has infiltrated into all of the country.
    2. Venezuela is struggling with bankruptcy. People cannot provide food for their families. With so many shortages, there is much unrest.
    3. Illegal immigration is affecting all of Central America, but Mexico is the border country and has to deal with it the most. All of the world is affected by this.
  3. So, with our own American politics and elections, it is good to be reminded of an entire Christian world perspective. We all need to pray fervently for our own country, but also for countries around the world. As you hear about them in the news, take time to pray! What a joy that here in “LOGOI’s World” of Latin America, God gives us the privilege to encourage and assist hundreds and hundreds of God’s faithful children in their ministries…and even as they develop and live out Christian world views.
  4. God is still in control and faithful. He never makes mistakes. What a comfort!