Encouraging Numbers


I was chatting with a long-time LOGOI Ministry partner the other day bringing her up to date on a few details. The more we talked, the bigger she smiled and the more excited she became. She finally exclaimed, no_idea


It occurred to me that perhaps you may also not be aware of some of these details. So with the hope of encouraging
a smile and a grateful heart as you pray for and invest in the ministry of LOGOI, here is a quick snapshot of just a few things happening every day and week at LOGOI:

By God’s grace, every day, somewhere across 32 countries, with over 12,000 national missionaries, the Lord is using LOGOI to equip, help, and encourage:
Pastors prepare their sermons, Bible lessons, and disciple-making outreach;
Church volunteers study God’s word and share His love with the homeless, unwed mothers, widows, orphans, the addicted, and the forgotten;
Doctors and nurses rejoice and grieve with patients and families;
Business people lead Bible studies in their workplace;
Students look for the truth as they face godless professors and ideas; and the list goes on and on…

In a typical 90-day span (in this case 4/29–7/27):
60,476 visits to our LOGOI.org website;
15,949 LOGOIgrama emails were opened (Bible teaching, ideas, resources, etc.);
874 new contacts added (those discovering LOGOI’s ministry for the first time).


In a typical 28-day span (7/1–7/28) LOGOI’s Spanish Facebook page generated:
788,329 “reached” (the total number who could “engage” with us);
18,519 “engagements” (some sort of action/response with LOGOI was taken);
25%  “Facebook visitors” go on to visit our LOGOI.org Spanish webpages


At least once a week, we email a “LOGOIgrama” to our national pastors and missionaries. It is a teaching and information vehicle which highlights biblical themes and informs them of our:
huge range of free Bible resources: books, articles, commentaries, etc.;
FLET Bible courses—including group or individual online courses;
featured Bible articles designed to teach and encourage;
LOGOI events and conferences;
and our latest Spanish version of Steve Brown’s popular,



girl_computerWe recently received this note from one of our national missionaries. His grateful recommendation to fellow believers touched hearts:





All of these things–and so much more–are centered around LOGOI’s calling to “equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12). We believe training, equipping, and encouraging national (indigenous) pastors and missionaries to be one of the most effective ways possible to building up the body of Christ.

be_encouragedGod is blessing your prayers and investment in His kingdom through LOGOI. Keep it up! The past few months God has blessed us with over 500 new national pastors and missionaries joining our LOGOI family each month. It is very exciting and challenging.

We’re so glad we’re “in this” together. Your faithful prayers and support are being used mightily in God’s hands. We are so grateful you are part of our family.