August 2016 Prayer and Praise

This is a time of year when summer and vacations and rest prevail.  But it’s time for “summer clean-up” here at LOGOI.

Here are some “clean-up” details we are working on right now:

  1. Most of us have more than one email and things can get confusing. It’s easy to forget to notify everyone when changing emails and addresses so keeping track of our friends can sometimes be a challenge.  Right now, we’re spending a good bit of time trying to update our records. It’s time consuming and sometimes our eyes get blurry staring at our computer screens. We are also preparing postcards to send to those whose emails have returned and pray those that were lost will be found again.
  1. LOGOI was approved for a special “Google Ad Words” project for non-profits. It is a wonderful marketing tool designed to help people find LOGOI and the benefits of our ministry. As we have just begun, we are thrilled with the great increase of Spanish-speaking people visiting – and signing up – to receive our LOGOIGRAMA. What a blessing–it works!  God is even using Google! How wonderful.
    I love the descriptions people are giving about themselves when they sign up.  The great majority are pastors, who are exactly whom we want to serve.  Others are taxi drivers/pastors, electricians/pastors, military, pastor’s wives, artists – all walks of life.  I pray for these dear brothers and sisters all day long as they sign up and become part of our LOGOI Family and wish I could visit them all.
  1. We have begun preparing for a large upcoming Spanish event in Miami called “Expolit.” LOGOI works closely with our book publisher and distributor, Editorial Unilit. Unilit hosts this event and thousands attend from all across the Spanish speaking world. LOGOI will be providing two Bible training workshops and we also have a booth for pastors and leaders to learn more about LOGOI and in particular, our FLET Bible courses. There is much to do and plan and we certainly would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you for praying for us through these summer “quiet” months.  And pray for our eyes and spirits to not grow weary as we update our records. We do want to keep in touch with all those the Lord gives to us.