June 2016 Prayer and Praise

Summer time! Time for sunshine and picnics and vacations. And as you go, remember to look for those “teachable moments” as you “teach the next generation” to know God (Psalm 78). And as you go, remember to pray and even tell others about what God is doing through LOGOI’s ministry, too.  Here are just a few things you can share:

  1. We just got word from Cuba that has thrilled our hearts. With all the changes going on there, we have not been sure if our materials have been put aside and forgotten.  NOT SO!  They want to print 100 copies each of 8 LOGOI books.  It is a big challenge working around the unavailability of the internet there, so having some hard copies to check out and return will be a great help to the students at Los Pinos Seminary and CCM  (Certificate in Christian Ministry, part of Birmingham Theological Seminary’s Spanish division).
  1. Also, at the Birmingham Theological Seminary, it was encouraging to hear that the Spanish “CCM” is growing at the rate of approximately 30 students per month. The CCM website acknowledges LOGOI’s provision of texts and encourages students to make use of our LOGOI website. Thank the Lord for such effective cooperation.
  1. Ed’s book, Monkeys in my Coconut Tree” is getting some wonderful reviews. The Christian living division of Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Awards has given their highest 5 star rating. How great to see our loving Lord give us surprises with something like an English book!  You can read the reviews on our website:  https://logoi.org/resource/monkeys-in-my-coconut-tree/
  1. Our FLET students continue to sign up … from around the Hispanic world, including Japan! Pray for these national missionaries as most of these students are studying online on their own.
  1. I continue to praise and thank the Lord for all the activity on our website: today a national missionary from Lima has been downloading articles and sermons ALL DAY!  Right behind him came another from Texas doing the same thing.  Next time I looked, there was a Spanish man living in Berlin, Germany getting the things he needed for his ministry. Pray for these men and women who are serving the Lord in so many places throughout the world.