March 2016 Prayer and Praise

In this modern day of electronics, LOGOI’s resources are reaching corners of the Hispanic world we have never heard of before. We have offered a compilation of Easter sermons for our national pastors to use and it is a joy to see their response: downloads of all our Easter materials are being put to use throughout the Spanish world. Thank the Lord for this steady stream of activity. Pray for these pastors as they prepare for their Easter services.

GOOD NEWS! This new 2016 year has begun with new interest in our FLET Bible Studies. What a joy to see!

  1. A pastor in Spring, Texas signed up to study “Como estudiar la Biblia” (How to study the Bible) with his staff. What a wonderful way to get 2016 started! Pray for them as they diligently search the Scriptures studying together.
  1. Another church in Lawndale, California is getting ready to start studying this same course, too. They have opened this up for all the Hispanic churches in their area to join them, so this may be a large group that will begin in the next few weeks.
  1. A new request came from Guayaquil, Ecuador from a pastor who wants to begin a Bible School in his church.
  1. A church in Miami has begun to take a Bible course with a group of 68 (last count).

Thank the Lord for these national missionaries who are making disciples. Getting started takes a lot of planning and work. Pray for all of them to keep things running smoothly.