April 2016 Prayer and Praise

So many praises!

During the Easter season, we had more visits –and downloads—at our website than ever before. Pastors were taking advantage of Easter sermon outlines, articles and one of our books we offered for free: La Santa Trinidad (The Holy Trinity) by Les Thompson. It is times like these we actually get to “see” the national pastors and missionaries across 32 countries.

We also included a survey and those responses have lifted our spirits and given us much joy. There were just two questions:

  1. What resource has been the most help in your ministry?
  2. What has encouraged you most in the past months?

Here are some of the answers to the first question:

  1. The biblical help I have gotten to teach young marrieds.
  2. The sermons that help me elaborate my own sermons.
  3. The powerpoint Bible lessons and their great quality.
  4. Evangelism resources for us to use.
  5. Your website is a fountain of information.

Responses to the second question:

  1. God’s power working in my children.
  2. The spiritual growth of my congregation.
  3. The birth of our son, a miracle form God.
  4. Beginning a new church.
  5. Your help to handle false doctrine that is coming into our churches.

Thank you, Lord! And thank you for praying for us and with us for all these many, many national pastors and leaders who are faithfully proclaiming God’s Word.