February 2016 Prayer and Praise


  1. In two weeks, a local Miami church will begin one of our courses called “Como estudiar la Biblia” (How to Study the Bible). 65 have signed up already. Pray for this church and these students who are serious about God’s Word and want to learn.


  1. Monkeys_in_myCoconutTree-sm-1Our new book, Monkeys in my Coconut Tree, written by Ed Thompson, has been getting attention on our own website, our LOGOI emails, Facebook and Twitter. Pray with us that God will use it as a fun and unique way to introduce new people to LOGOI. https://logoi.org/resource/monkeys-in-my-coconut-tree/


  1. It is mission conference time. Ed will be heading to South Carolina and I will be on the west coast of Florida this month. Pray for us as we tell our wonderful LOGOI story of helping national missionaries do their jobs.