January 2016 Prayer and Praise


  1. We are rejoicing in a wonderful start to the new year! A local church is going to begin using our FLET courses to have a seminary in their church. The pastor took our courses long ago and learned so much that he is going to introduce his church to these studies now. To begin, he has chosen “Las grandes doctrinas de la Biblia” (The great doctrines of the Bible) because he said his people do not know these great truths. He is expecting 50-60 to enroll. Rejoice with us as God’s Word begins to penetrate into the hearts of these people.
  2. Another pastor called saying he has just read one of our textbooks, Diaconía. He saw at the end of the book that he could contact us about a course. And so, a pastor in New York wants his leadership to get started.
  3. Always, we rejoice when we see how many continue to receive our weekly LOGOIgramas filled with Bible teaching, theology, ideas, and encouragement for thousands of national missionaries spread throughout 32 countries. This is also how they learn of all the other Bible resources and help we offer them 24 hours a day.
  4. And then there is FaceBook that is offering so many opportunities for seekers to read biblical truth on our page. They are not afraid to say what they think and we welcome them to speak up. Pray for open hearts.
  5. Of course, we are not satisfied and long to reach many more. How wonderful that we are so easily available to the uttermost parts of the world. It is with great joy we begin 2016 knowing we continue to be of assistance to so many.