The Coffee Shop Window



I was sitting alone at a coffee shop observing life on the other side of the window. My wife was getting her nails done a few shops away, so I had an hour or so to wait. Coffee is my good friend, so I was quite content to relax and, according to WebMD, let each sip reduce my risk of type 2 diabetes.carlos

I smelled the coffee before I saw the shop. The aroma drew me in like a Kardashian to a TV camera. Most coffee shops have friendly service along with their own particular specialty coffee concoction, and this place was no exception. The guy behind the counter had a genuine smile and seemed eager to serve. He said his name was Carlos and his Mayan Mocha with rich Dutch cocoa, sweet cinnamon, a touch of pepper, topped off with homemade whipped cream would “change my outlook on life.” How could I refuse? I said, “Change me, man,” and ordered the big 20 ounce cup.

I decided to stay in the air conditioning while Carlos was preparing my special coffee, and found a spot in front of a big window overlooking a courtyard. It was filled with tables and chairs. A sidewalk cut through the middle and a street was just beyond. The first thing I noticed was a young dad holding a baby in one arm while trying to sip his coffee with the other. He wasn’t doing too well because the baby seemed quite interested in grabbing his daddy’s nose. This was just fine with the dad, who eventually put his coffee on the table and enjoyed playing with his son.

A few minutes later, to my delight, a line of dogs and their masters showed up. There were eight of them walking in single file down the sidewalk. A man with a clipboard was leading the way, obviously involved in a training session. The clipboard guy stopped in the middle of the courtyard sidewalk, turned to the group, and gave them instructions. The humans responded by giving hand signals and commands to their canine friends who, one by one, sat down. I was very impressed. Unlike another family with young children who couldn’t sit still at a nearby table, these dogs all stayed quietly by their respective masters’ feet. After at least two minutes, the clipboard guy issued another command and, as quickly as they arrived, they continued down the sidewalk in single file.


arlos finally brought over my coffee and waited expectantly until I took my first taste. I looked, smelled and took a sip. My smile and long, satisfied sigh was all he needed. He smiled, said “enjoy,” and went back behind the counter.

I don’t know if Carlos was aware, but he honored God that morning. So did the young dad, the guy with the clipboard and the masters with their dogs. Even though we are sinful, when we reflect the character of God, when we “do to others whatever you would like them to do to us,” (Matthew 7:12), we bring glory and honor to God. Even serving coffee, playing with your kids and walking your dog? Absolutely.peru

I love that our FiveDollarMission national missionaries come from every walk of life and serve in a multitude of different ways. They are pastors, office assistants, taxi drivers, construction workers, attorneys, doctors, and coffee servers. They preach sermons, teach Bible classes, feed and shelter the homeless and care for orphans and unwed mothers. The list of ministries they are involved in seems endless.
But our FiveDollarMission national missionaries all have one thing in common, they want to introduce others to Jesus, minister to their needs, and help make disciples.
So we gladly take your $5 gifts and turn them into on-the-job Bible training. Now consider what God is doing with your partnership: in September alone, our Spanish LOGOI Facebook page (primarily used as an outreach) reached over 200,000 people and 4,194 of them clicked on links to our Bible resource center. Then, 10,611 national missionaries opened our electronic “LOGOIgramas” to receive their weekly update of Bible training, resources, encouragement, and help. Now take those 10,611 and multiply tenfold as they reach out to their communities in Jesus’ name.

Now, “You must decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves a person who gives cheerfully” (2 Corinthians 9:7). And just so you know, we are praying the Lord will encourage you to be very cheerful this month.


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