Mr. Goulet


recently sent me a few new shirts. Apparently, my current shirts were too…”Goulet-ish.”

This is their way of saying that whatever it is I’m wearing is too old fashioned or “out-of-style.” So, they will look at me and smile and in a sing-song voice say, “Gouuuu-layyyyy.”

It started back when my oldest was still in high school. I was performing a lot of concerts and one night, decided to wear a black turtleneck which I thought made me look quite dashing. At the same time, comedian Will Ferrell was doing a series of skits parodying Robert Goulet on Saturday Night Live. Naturally, Ferrell would often wear a turtleneck in his sketches.

When my oldest son saw me with my turtleneck on, he looked me up and down and with an over-the-top Will Ferrell exaggerated voice said, “Gouuuu-layyyyy.” It was quickly picked up by his younger brother and sister and from that point on, I discovered the majority of my clothes were “Goulet-ish.” I’ve always liked Robert Goulet, so was conflicted with how to take their comments.

                   Whenever we get new clothes, we’re supposed to donate the equivalent to someone in need, so I asked my wife which two shirts I should pass along. She looked at me and then at my closet and said, take_your_pick


and supporting missionaries and mission work. But sometimes I look at various missions and missionaries and I think to myself, “Goulet.” Most of the time it’s because, in my opinion, the ministry they are trying to do could be accomplished so much more effectively by nationals at a fraction of the costs and time. After all, they already live there, are already in ministry, and are already supporting themselves financially.

Our approach at LOGOI has always been to train and equip national missionaries to reach their communities with the Gospel. They have all the talent, ability, and desire, they simply need on-the-job Bible training and resources. And that’s exactly what LOGOI provides.

And it costs us $5 per month per national missionary.

There will always be a place for traditional missions and missionaries. But today, in places like South and Central America, it is the season of equipping national missionaries to reach their communities with the Gospel. And at a remarkable cost of just $5 per month, why would we not?

So we boldly ask for your faithful and generous partnership. $60 covers the cost of providing weekly Bible training, resources, and encouragement for one national missionary. He (or she) may not look like Robert Goulet, but with your help, he (or she) will joyfully proclaim the Good News about Jesus.