August 2015 Prayer and Praise


I just finished working on our Bible dictionary (El diccionario de la Biblia) — getting it updated for the web.  The book had a few pictures in black and white but when I finished, it was full of color. I was sad when I finished it because it has been such a blessing and worshipful experience to work through over 5,000 entries and marvel at our great God.  We are so blessed. If you want to take a quick look at a piece of our Spanish dictionary, here is letter “C” to just scroll through and be in awe of what God has given us.

It is free, but you will have to register on our website to see it … AND … that would be a GOOD THING for you to do, to keep you informed of our LOGOI news.

Again, thank you for being right alongside us as we give encouragement, help and biblical knowledge to thousands of Spanish speaking “national missionaries.”



  1. Ask the Lord to make this newly revised “diccionario” as awesome and useful to the many who are downloading it as it is to me. We are scheduling a “word of the day” email featuring our Bible dictionary…and I am thrilled.
  1. We are about to send a new email announcing our FLET Bible courses to four new mailing lists in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico. Pray that we will see many new students sign up to strengthen and learn more of God’s wonderful Word.
  1. Pastor Jesús Arturo is opening a new Bible School in the interior plains of Colombia. He is a graduate of our FLET Bible Program and wants to use our materials for this new school he is beginning. He is working with his denomination and needs their approval. Pray that these resources will be accepted and put to use.