June 2015 Prayer and Praise


I got to see one of our national missionaries, Neri Gonzalez in Mexico last month. He and his wife are church planters in a very poor neighborhood in Cancun. What a joy to see his church growing with 120 attending and a church building going up. The area is not a safe one, yet he and his wife joyfully live there. I couldn’t help but say that so many would have given up by now (he has been there for about 8 years) and moved to a more pleasant place. His answer was a joy to hear, “God has called me here and here I will stay. We have much work to do.”

And to think there are thousands more just like him all over the Spanish world. Thank you, Lord, for these dedicated national missionaries!

We continue to be amazed at the number of national missionaries receiving encouragement and Bible training as they download our resources every day. Pray for us as we zero in on them and the biblical needs they are revealing. It is an honor and privilege to serve!


The second week of June, I (Grandma Carolyn) will be the missionary story teller at a VBS in Titusville, Florida. Please pray for me to be able to make children understand the joy of serving Jesus and knowing Him as their Savior.

We are continuing to introduce our wonderful Bible courses over the internet and are aware that this is a true pioneering effort in our modern world for Latin America. It is a joy to see new students signing up. Pray that we will have the right words and illustrations to bring new national missionaries to sign up and take a course that will be of great use in their ministries.