Noisy Offering and Birthdays



Sometimes noisy is much better than quiet.

And the more noise made at Miami’s Westminster Christian Elementary School’s “Noisy Offerings,” the better. As the name suggests, a “noisy offering” is so called because of the loud clang the coins make as they are dropped into a tin pail. The bigger the handful, the bigger the clang. “It’s not like the quiet offerings at church,” 11-year-old student Tommy explained with a big smile, “it’s loud.” And the louder the better as children brought their coins to their weekly chapel services throughout the week and month and happily tossed them into the pails.

And this time, the joyful noise was being made for our Five Dollar Mission ministry. So it was a lot of fun to explain to the children in a chapel service how every $5 collected would help our amazing five dollar national missionaries tell others about Jesus and meet needs in their communities. They watched a couple of our short videos to see examples of how their coins would be used and then out came the pails…and the beautiful noise began.

Tommy, a fifth grader, had a handful of coins to drop in, too. Last year, he loved the clang of each coin that helped dig a well to bring clean water to a village in Africa. In fact, Tommy decided that helping people have clean water would be a lot better than getting another toy or shirt. So instead of asking for birthday gifts for his party, he encouraged his friends to bring money for the noisy offering.
And they did…over $200 worth.



n entire year passed and Tommy was looking forward to celebrating his 11th birthday.  But a few weeks before his party, he learned about the new noisy offering project called Five Dollar Mission and what “God could do with just five little dollars.” So I suppose you won’t be surprised to learn that once again, he decided to “give his birthday to God” and asked his friends to not bring gifts, but instead bring money to help LOGOI’s Five Dollar National Missionaries proclaim the Good News.

As you can see in my short video interview, (go to, click on “View Video” in Tommy’s photo at the top), I asked Tommy how much money he raised for our Five Dollar National Missionaries. He answered, “I think around $200 dollars again.” I quickly informed him he was incorrect and that it was more like $600! His rebirthdayaction is such a joy. It’s worth watching the video just to see.

Tommy added $690 to his school’s Noisy Offering. That was enough to help and encourage roughly 140 national missionaries. Each $5 is used to provide weekly Bible training, resources, ideas, and help — absolutely free — to those God has called to serve Him in their hometowns.

There was yet another unexpected and sparkling gift amidst the coins in the bottom of one of the pails. A diamond! (I mentioned this in our March LOGOIgram.) At first, the teachers thought it must be a diamond that fell from a setting. They did their best to discover its owner and return it, but no one came forward. It appeared someone had dropped the small diamond into the Noisy Offering pail purposefully.brighams

A local jeweler purchased the small diamond for a loud clang of $420. Adding Tommy’s birthday gifts and the diamond to the Noisy Offering brought the total amount raised to almost $2,000. That’s enough to help 400 of LOGOI’s Five Dollar National

We like to say, “See what God can do with just five of your little dollars.” What a thrill to see what God just did with an 11-year-old boy who loves the Lord and decided to exercise his “beautiful feet” (Romans 10:15).