May 2015 Prayer and Praise


  1. The joy of seeing national missionaries signing up for our FLET Bible courses fills our hearts with praise. They are signing up from Mexico to Argentina on a regular basis. We know God’s Word never returns empty, so join us in prayer as new students begin their Bible courses. The most recent course we are offering is on La familia cristiana (The Christian Family).
  2. We praise the Lord for touching the heart of Tommy, an 11-year-old who asked his friends to bring a money gift for FiveDollarMission instead of bringing birthday presents to his party. He raised enough to help 140 national missionaries. Please look at the sweet video as Ed talks to him. What an encouragement to see our young generation choosing to please our Savior.


  1. As we continue to use FaceBook and Twitter to reach out, we are amazed to see responses from a world that does not know Christ. Articles on family and counseling always bring conversation and seekers. Pray that our LOGOIgrama will open doors and pierce into the souls of people looking for answers. What a wonderful opportunity to introduce Christ and biblical truth to a lost world.
  2. Pray for our small LOGOI staff as we are oftentimes overwhelmed with the day-to-day work of keeping up with requests and questions about our courses and resources. Would you especially pray for our web technicians (outside service) to find the glitches that are keeping important parts from working as they should? It’s amazing to consider our small staff is serving over 10,000 national missionaries!