Hearing God’s Voice


I had a lot of fun constantly asking Abby, “What kind of a dog is that?” When she’d answer, “dachshund,” I’d smile and say, “God bless you.”

My daughter had been away almost 18 months working as a nanny in Australia when she was reunited with Bentley a few weeks before her wedding. Before she even walked through the front door, our humongous miniature dachshund knew she had arrived. He was spinning in circles and barking and clawing at the door with excitement. His master was home and Bentley couldn’t have been happier. Of course, Abby loved it.

iwatched that crazy dog follow Abby wherever she went. He couldn’t get enough of her and I don’t think his tail ever stopped wagging. I couldn’t help but marvel at how God built that into the DNA of dogs and how much we humans enjoy the attention.

As I watched Bentley follow Abby around I thought of John 10:27 when Jesus said, my_sheep(NLT).  As the wedding party started to assemble and our house became a frenzy of noise and activity, Bentley had no trouble at all hearing Abby’s voice. I wondered, “Do I hear Jesus’ voice anywhere close to how a dog or sheep hears his master’s voice?”

One of LOGOI’s main features is our popular Bible study and training program called FLET. Over the years, tens of thousands of men and women have studied our FLET Bible courses from Cuba to Chile. It’s quite a thrill to walk into a pastor’s study or home and see a FLET diploma hanging on his wall.

The goal behind our FLET Bible courses is to help national pastors and missionaries hear God’s voice and follow Him. The official goals of our FLET ministry include equipping them to be be able to “study and interpret Scripture, give sound biblical advice,” or “explain the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.” But the reality is we are simply working to help them “hear God’s voice and follow Him.”

As I mulled all this over it occurred to me that Bentley would never hear Abby’s voice unless she had spent time with him, enjoyed being with him, and loved on him. And the more time that enormous dachshund spent with her, the more he loved her back. Sounds a lot like the relationship we’re to have with Jesus.

So as you partner with the ministry of LOGOI, it’s pretty cool to know you’re helping others hear God’s voice and follow Him. Which brings another great passage to mind: this_is_love