When Magic Happens

You can often find me down the first base line about half way up the stands during University of Miami home baseball games. I have a small camcorder in my hand and 2x “reader” glasses on my nose because those little three inch viewing screens are way too small. The camcorder is pointed at number 8, my favorite UM baseball player.

I started videotaping my kids’ sporting events when my oldest son, Matt, started playing football. I initially had one of those heavy camcorders that took an entire VHS tape, was average picture quality, and gave you a shoulder ache it was so heavy. Today, my little camcorder is HD quality and so small and light I can almost put it in my hip pocket.

A friend used to tease me about how I was missing the “big” picture of the game because I was always focused on my kids. I would just smile, keep filming and say, “You never know when the magic is going to happen.”Matt_football

The “magic” I’m referring to are those special moments when something amazing happens. It happened, for example, when Matt was called in to punt at a critical moment of a high school football game. He was his team’s middle linebacker but the starting punter was hurt so here comes Matt. Problem was, he had a broken thumb which was all bandaged up making it hard to grip a football.

On my video you see the ball being snapped then bouncing off Matt’s padded hand. The ball is bouncing on the ground as linemen from the other team are bearing down. Matt manages to pick up the ball and starts to run when he sees a receiver wide open in the flat. He somehow tosses a wobbly but perfect pass from his padded hand to his teammate who then goes 80 yards for a touchdown. The video follows Matt running behind cheering the entire way. That moment was simply…magic.

God gives us those “magic” moments here at LOGOI, too. It happened in a Bible conference in Nicaragua when 250 pastors stood and cheered after listening to my Dad teach on the Holy Trinity via an old video. Dad had long been with the Lord but was still deeply loved and respected by all those pastors he dearly loved. The cheers were spontaneous and heartfelt and… magic.

It happened when we received a letter from an inmate who was discovering Jesus for the first time. “I want to get to know God,” he wrote as we rejoiced in that magic moment. It happened when one of our FiveDollarMission national missionaries was discouraged and ready to quit. But that day he received one of our LOGOIgrams which he thought was written specifically for him. “How did you know?” he asked. I just smiled and thought, magic.

And it just happened in one of our Christian grade schools here in Miami during their “noisy offering.” A noisy offering is when children bring in their coins and joyfully drop them into a tin pail with a clang. The louder the clang the better. This time, the noise was for FiveDollarMission.  As the teachers were collecting and adding up the coins, they noticed a bright sparkle in the bottom of the pail. It was a diamond.  Calls and notices to see if anyone had lost a diamond went unanswered. After several days and attempts to find the owner, it appeared someone wanted this to be part of their noisy offering.

nicaragua_childrenYesterday we received a check for $400 from a local jeweler for the sale of the little diamond. Today, it will help 80 national missionaries receive Bible training, encouragement, ideas, and help. Magic!

You never know when the magic is going to happen. And you never know how God may turn your gift of time or resources into something “magical.”

Thank you for your prayers and financial partnership with us at LOGOI. God uses you to bring “magic” to the lives of others in order to equip His people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). And wow, is that fun to see.