April 2015 Prayer and Praise


Even though the pastor’s conference in Nicaragua passed us by in February – it still seems like yesterday that we were there rejoicing with them. Our internet world is still a distant dream for many of the pastors in Nicaragua. It is a very poor country and the pastors are humble, kind, gentle — and lacking in biblical education. What a privilege for us to be able to help them face to face. They all received one of Les’s books, “La fe que mueve montañas” (Faith that Moves Mountains). Pray that the book will not sit on a shelf but be read and understood – and applied to their ministries throughout the country where they serve.


1. In the meantime, those 10,000 strong with access to computers and the web have been receiving —and will continue to receive— LOGOI’s Easter resources for this blessed season. Pray that the Lord will use them to reach many with the gospel as they study and prepare for church visitors who will come through their doors.

2. You have prayed for LOGOI and our redesigned website. It still has glitches and things to adjust, but we thank the Lord that serious students are now registering and beginning to study our FLET course material. It is a joy to see new people signing up every week – some by themselves, others in groups. We pray they will be diligent and thorough in these wonderful studies designed specifically for them.