March 2015 Prayer and Praise

What a glorious pastor’s conference we experienced in Nicaragua last month! Over 250 selected pastors from around the country were in attendance for 3 days of teaching and fellowship.

Phil Tuttle’s (Walk Through the Bible) classes on the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, were tender and soul searching.

Al Valdes’ (LOGOI) classes on Romans were thorough and challenging. The pastors learned biblical truths perhaps not known before. It was a joy to see their great interest to learn and understand this book of the Bible.

I took along a video of Les teaching on Colossians. The pastors were overjoyed to hear him tell of our incomparable Christ with all his passion and love. We were flooded with requests for copies of the video to show in their churches.

It is always a special blessing to be with pastors face to face.

We have begun to see new students begin our online FLET Bible courses. FLET is especially designed for on-the-job Bible training to help pastors and church leaders become effective ministers of the Gospel. Please pray the Lord will use these thorough Bible studies and lessons to help build up His church, the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12).