January Prayer and Praise 2015

What a mighty God we serve!  He has watched over us and indeed, He knows our every step and thought.  Today is our first day back at the office after Christmas and New Year’s.  We are all so thankful for what God has done for us personally as well as corporately.  Thank you for your faithful prayers for us and for LOGOI.

We are so very thankful we finally have our new LOGOI website up and running.  Ed has said 2014 was a hard year and he’s very excited a new year has begun.  We have already seen good activity with our Spanish resources being accessed…even as far away as Spanish pastors in Japan and Sweden!

Now our huge challenge for 2015 is to raise more Five Dollar Mission partners here in the US.  We grew much more numerically in Spanish than in English.  We truly pray the Lord will honor our request for help with $5 partners. 

And this wonderful “last minute” news update has just come in:  our social media traffic soared during the last two weeks. Mostly Christmas-related articles were launched on new website, and they got quite a bit of attention on social media, (primarily Facebook). To give you an idea, here are a couple of articles we posted, with their current results:

Let’s Begin the Year With Forgiveness, by Al Valdés (posted Jan 2)
Reached: 568,064
Likes: 15,725
Shared: 5,615

I Love Christmas, by Les Thompson (posted Dec 18)
Reached: 68,640 people
Likes: 1,398
Shared: 495

So here we go!  God is faithful and our goal is to be faithful, too.  As I said, we serve such a mighty God.