Carolyn’s Letter


So now I am a year older – just like you!  And so is LOGOI Ministries.  I have literally spent the majority of my life with LOGOI.  When I married Les at the ripe age of 19, I feel like I married LOGOI, too, and what a joy to have kept in touch with so many of you through the years.

cancun2As always, I love keeping you up with my family.  Back in February many of us Thompsons met up in Atlanta to watch Grandson David play baseball (University of Miami against Georgia Tech).  Grandson Matt designed a t-shirt for us all and we really stood out. But of all of us cheering, there is no doubt yours truly was the loudest. David missed 32 games this year due to an unexpected surgery, but he managed to make it back in time for the playoffs where once again, no one out-cheers grandma.cancun_singers

In May, I got to enjoy a short vacation in Mexico with Granddaughter Mary and family, including my two great grand daughters. What a joy!  One evening we were serenaded by my favorite Mexican group, The Can Bolios. This family of singers and guitar players love the Lord and I have known them for many years. They are also part of our LOGOI family and I was overwhelmed seeing and hearing them again. baptism2

In October I met my third great grandchild in St Louis:  Lewis Coggeshall March.  What a fine and proper name. His daddy is going to Covenant Seminary and all the Dan Family managed to get there for Lewis’ baptism. baptism I was honored to give the dedication prayer and was once again so grateful for God’s blessing on my family.

Of course, he is just adorable and I’m certain Lewis must be very excited about his Grandpa Dan’s first book, Honest Conversations: Reflections on prayer in the Psalms.I’ll send you an ebook copy if you simply ask.honest-book

My year ended with Granddaughter Abby’s beautiful wedding in a Miami garden on December 28.  She met Alex in Australia where she was an au pair.  She is going back to live there as Mrs. Alex Boukogiannis. Watching Ed give his only daughter to her new husband was something I will always hold dear – tears and all. (You can read all about it on Ed’s blog at

abby-alexJust before Christmas, I discovered a note Les had scribbled to David in the flyleaf of “Basic Christianity” by John Stott. David was about to head off to college and Les encouraged David to read the book in small bites. Here’s the last sentence in Les’ note:

“…I know of no better gift I can give you than to share with you the joy I have had in learning to love and live for God.”

That sums up Les’ life. It sums up his prayer and longing for his children, grandchildren, family, and the thousands of pastors and national missionaries God has given to LOGOI’s ministry. And it sums up our thoughts and prayers for you, too.

I’m so grateful you are part of my extended family. I love staying in touch. And as God brings us to your mind, we do ask for your prayers and financial partnership. 2014 was a very difficult financial year for LOGOI and how we pray 2015 starts off with a bang.

gator2Every week, God is using us to teach, equip, and encourage over 10,000 national pastors and missionaries. (Our partnership makes it as easy as $5 per month.) And together, God lets us share with them the “joy of learning to love and live for God.”forever