The Bride Awaits


Well, here it is. In just a few days, I will walk my daughter, Abby, down the aisle. Family is starting to gather for what will be a gorgeous Christmas wedding. My wife is scrambling with last minute preparations, Abby looks more beautiful than I have ever seen her, and I am practicing my one line, “Her mother and I.”

I have a fear I will accidentally make the same mistake my friend, Bob Carlisle, made when his daughter was married. Bob wrote and sang the hit song, “Butterfly Kisses,” which remains popular even today — especially at weddings.

Bob said he practiced his one line over and over before the wedding, “Her mother and I, her mother and I, her mother and I.” Finally, the wedding day arrived and he walked his inspiration for “Butterfly Kisses” down the aisle. His moment was at hand. The pastor looked at Bob and warmly asked, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” Bob stood tall and proudly replied, “My mother and I.”

Back in the day of Jewish custom, the parents of the couple to be married would draw up a marriage contract. When signed, the couple were considered married. However, the couple would separate until the time of the actual wedding ceremony. The groom would leave to go prepare the home they would soon share. The bride would remain with her parents (giving her Daddy time to cry a lot thinking about his daughter moving to Australia—see last month’s letter).

No one knew how long it would take the groom to prepare their future home. It usually took a long time. And since there were no cell phones or Twitter updates, the groom would suddenly show up unannounced ready and anxious for the wedding to take place — like right now.  That meant the bride, along with all the wedding party and all the ceremony events and activities, had to be constantly on watch and ready.

It’s kind of neat to think how it used to be. I imagine the bride looking out her window wondering if today would be the day.

he would constantly check on all the preparations making sure that if he did show up, everything would be ready. Imagine then, the day he finally arrives. Her eyes light up, she lets out a squeal of joy, she’s a blur of activity, she can’t stop smiling. He’s finally here… it’s time!

I asked my Dad why LOGOI was still around when every year we seem to struggle so much to make ends meet. Dad leaned back in his chair as he thought it over. His eyes then filled with tears and he said, “Because Jesus desperately loves his bride — and we’re helping prepare her for the wedding.” (Ephesians 5:25-27 is a beautiful  passage about Christ’s love for His bride.)

jesus-teal&goldweb376One day, Jesus — the little baby we celebrate over Christmas — will return. The little baby grew up and is now the groom. The marriage contract was signed long ago and he’s been off preparing our future home. We don’t know the time or day he’ll return, so we have to be prepared and ready.

That’s what we do here at LOGOI—help prepare the bride for the wedding. And that’s why we boldly ask for your generous and joyful partnership.

And unlike so many costly weddings these days, it only costs us $5 per month — $60 per year —  to help prepare one national missionary (bride). $50 provides our weekly on-the-job Bible training for 10 national missionaries. $100 helps 20 and $500 helps 100. Amazing!

And we get a double blessing: we not only get to help prepare the bride for the biggest and most mind boggling wedding there will ever be, but we are also the bride. That sort of blows your mind a little, doesn’t it?honest_conversations_book

And finally, we have a very special gift for you—a brand new book titled “Honest Conversations — Reflections on prayer in the Psalms.” This excellent book, written by Rev. Dan Thompson (yes, my older brother), was written to help us want God more, turn to Him more often, and really look forward to talking to Him. I have read it and was so encouraged and blessed, I want you to read it, too. To get your FREE copy, simply go to click on one of the buttons below. and provide your name and email. You can then instantly download your copy — choose from a pdf version or e-Pub for E-Readers.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership. We thank the Lord for you!.




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