December Prayer and Praise 2014

  1. Christmas is such a joyous time for all believers around the world. No matter where we are, we are filled with awe that Jesus came to be our redeemer and friend. What a thrill to share dozens of our Christmas resources on our website with our growing national missionary family.
  2. Ed says this has been a really tough year as he has so diligently worked on our new website. We have been saying we would introduce it to everyone all year long – but there have been many technical setbacks to keep that from happening. Now, really and for true, it is scheduled to open this month for public use. Please pray that we will see God’s blessing on all this hard work.
    1. The Five Dollar Mission site will be a blessing to those who speak English – seeing stories and videos and more information about what God is doing through LOGOI’s ministry.
    2. The LOGOI site will be a blessing to those who speak Spanish – with courses, resources, books, questions and answers, and so much more for our brothers and sisters. It is instant help and encouragement for thousands as they serve our King.
  3. And yes, the end of the year keeps us on our knees as we look to our Savior to supply our needs. It is very humbling and yet it is a privilege to remember LOGOI’s ministry belongs to Him. Pray for us to be faithful – and to trust our “…wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.”