I Joined a Gym


My first day at the gym I noticed a lonely elliptical machine at the end of the row of treadmills. I really had no idea what “elliptical” meant and made a mental note to look it up when I got home. Remembering I constantly misplace my mental notes, I used my cellphone and called myself and left a message. “Hello Ed, this is Ed. What’s up? Listen, I’m at the gym and was wondering if you could find out what “elliptical” means when you get home. Thanks. I hope you’re having a good day. Talk to you later.” I also left my cell number so I could call myself back.

Later, when I got home, I checked my messages and was surprised to see I had missed a call from myself. The message was to find out what “elliptical” meant so I could have a better understanding of what I was subjecting my body to during those long, rhythmic, oval shaped motions on that machine.

Dictionary.com explained that elliptical means, “pertaining to or having the form of an ellipse,” which of course was no help at all. Obviously a look at the word, “ellipse” would clear up the matter. Here is the actual definition of “ellipse” from Dictionary.com: “a plane curve such that the sums of the distances of each point in its periphery from two fixed points, the foci, are equal. It is a conic section formed by the intersection of a right circular cone by a plane that cuts the axis and the surface of the cone.”

After reading the definition, I had to take a nap.

We’re trying to do something here at LOGOI which at first felt like an out-of-shape middle-aged man in a gym full of in-shape young people. After all, how does a “middle-aged” traditional mission agency connect with and inspire a younger, vibrant, and intelligent generation to joyfully join us in “equipping God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12)?


p2banner As the name suggests, it is built around $5 monthly gifts which support, equip, and encourage LOGOI “national missionaries” already at work “making disciples” overseas.

If you didn’t know, God has given us a host of “national missionaries” to serve — now over 10,000 strong. Our mission is to equip, encourage, and help them make disciples in their communities. They speak the language, support themselves financially with regular jobs, and are already at work proclaiming the Gospel—in hundreds of different ways. What they most often lack is solid Bible training.

Guess where we come in?

For $5 a month, we provide trusted on-the-job Bible training and resources delivered at least once a week—FREE. Just watch some of the short videos at FiveDollarMission.com to see what God IS doing with our five little dollars.


kidsp2Please help us introduce FiveDollarMission.com to our younger generation. The best way is for you to invite them to see for themselves what “God can do with just five of their little dollars” or complete the coupon and we’ll send them a note saying you recommend FiveDollarMission.com. And of course, we invite YOU to join in this challenge, too. Don’t let those young people have all the fun.

After all, being “young” is really a matter of attitude, right?


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