June 2014 Prayer and Praise

June 2014

  1. LOGOI’s ministry in Cuba is poised to explode.  We are working on plans to return to Cuba in July to observe the work going on.  Pray that we will receive the visas and the preliminary details needed to go and encourage the new students training to become leaders of casas cultos (house churches).
  2. Our FLET Bible courses have been re-introduced on the web to a whole new generation of pastors and leaders.  Our first group of 23 students comes from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, U.S., Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. Pray for them as they study a Bible course on “Understanding Scripture.”
  3. Our new website and project, Five Dollar Mission, is going to open this month!  What a lot of work goes into making a new project! Continue to pray for wisdom and God’s blessing as we launch this new program.

Personal Prayer Praise:

For those of you who love baseball, Grandson David is playing again and we will see if they make it to the national championship games in Omaha.  What an answer to prayer that he recovered so quickly!