May 2014 Prayer and Praise


  1. LOGOI’s ministry in Cuba is growing. Over 500 are completing their studies and hundreds  more are waiting to begin. We are in the process of making plans to return to Cuba in July to observe the work.  Pray that we will receive the visas and preliminary details needed to go and encourage the new students training to become leaders of casas cultos (house churches).
  2. Our FLET Bible courses are being re-introduced on the web to a whole new generation of pastors and leaders. What an encouragement to see people signing up to study —online— and their great interest to be students of God’s Word.
  3. This is our year to introduce the younger American generation to LOGOI’s ministry with Five Dollar Mission —something totally possible to do. Pray for wisdom and God’s blessing as we begin this new program.
  4. Can you believe our Spanish Facebook page is growing dramatically each month? We started with just a handful of readers. Now, our FB “reach” extends to over 200,000! Wow. Pray for God’s leading as we use this medium to advance the Gospel.


  1. David Thompson, (my grandson, Ed’s youngest) underwent a six hour surgery last month (venous thoracic outlet syndrome). He is getting stronger and wants to get back to baseball and normal college life. As I said already, this was a shock and it broke his heart, but his faith is strong and he is a testimony as he trusts God through it all.
  2. I will be in Mexico with my granddaughter, Mary, and her family for one week.  She spent some childhood years there so we will have a wonderful time visiting churches and people she remembers. One of them is Pastor “Moncho”, a man who has been a church planter and creator of humanitarian works since the founding of Cancun. It is always a joy to see the continuing work LOGOI began with him in 1970.