April 2014 Prayer and Praise

April 2014 Prayer and Praise


  1. LOGOI’s ministry in Cuba is poised to explode this year.  Over 500 are being trained right now with our LOGOI/FLET study program.  They will plant house churches (casas cultos). Some 2000 more are waiting to be trained.
  2. The joy of being reunited with so many friends in Cuba –and elsewhere—who tell me they are continuing the legacy begun by Les with their teaching.


  1. For visas to return to Cuba in July. Cuba has shut down all visas at this present time.
  2. Eager hearts and minds to pursue the life-long work of making disciples as they study God’s Word through LOGOI.
  3. For a smooth transition as we upgrade our entire website and program.
  4. Our new approach to missions to resonate with young people to get involved for as little as $5 a month invested in a national missionary’s training.

Personal Prayer Request:

For David Thompson, (my grandson, Ed’s youngest son), who has undergone surgery to correct a circulation problem that resulted in a blood clot in his right arm. (venous thoracic outlet syndrome) His baseball season has ended, but he led the batting average up until this occurred.  It has broken his heart, but his faith is strong and he is resting in God’s perfect plan for his life.