Cuban National Missionary & Baseball Coach

Just last week, I had the joy of traveling to Cuba to meet with dozens of our Five Dollar National Missionaries. As a reminder, LOGOI’s $5 national missionaries are “tent makers” making their own living somehow. We don’t take them out of their culture or pay for any of their living expenses. Our purpose, rather, is to help them fulfill the calling and ministry God has given them, to equip them biblically, and encourage them to joyfully and boldly share the Christmas message that the Word was made flesh, and dwells among us.

Our Five Dollar Missionaries come in all shapes and sizes and are involved in just about every walk of life. We have pastors, teachers, business people, doctors, lawyers, students, accountants, chefs, judges, artists, taxi drivers and, well, you get the idea. The list goes on and on and it is rather exciting.

So it was great fun and very meaningful to meet the Five Dollar Missionary you will see in the attached short video. He’s a baseball coach in Cuba. The players you will see in the pictures at the end came to Christ as a result of his baseball ministry in Cuba. But in Cuba, obtaining replacement bats, gloves, balls, and equipment is often next to impossible. So his ministry was struggliing…but then God’s timing is always perfect.

Watch the video to see a pretty wonderful Christmas story: